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I recommend a customized holistic herbal protocol, so you can enhance your capacity and resiliency to do more of what you love.

I am now accepting in person new clients at my clinic space in Bridgetown NS. Currently accepting virtual clients based in Canada. I prioritize people local to NS and trans/non-binary clients.

If you are interested in working with me, please read this page and click the link at the bottom to schedule a free discovery call.

During a comprehensive 1.5 hour initial consultation, we will discuss in depth your health issues and body system functions based on your priorities and goals. I strive to treat you with complete respect, and to create a non-judgmental and compassionate healing space. My primary role is to educate you about herbs, nutritional and lifestyle habits to empower you to work towards your healing goals.

As a holistic Clinical Herbalist, I view you as having the innate ability to heal and your body systems as being interconnected. In my practice I draw on knowledge from Western Herbalism traditions, energetic assessment tools, scientific research and physiology to craft custom herbal formulations based on your desires/goals, specific constitution and symptom presentation.

I have specific interest and experience working with people on trans health, menstrual irregularities, sleep issues, endocrine/hormonal imbalances, diabetes, cancer, auto-immunity, mood/emotional imbalances, digestive issues, chronic pain and injury recovery. I specifically aim to provide empowering and informed herbal care to trans and gender-non binary clients.

What to Expect:

The comprehensive initial consultation is 90 minutes, where we discuss in depth your health issues and overall body system functions based on your priorities and goals. Within one week of your initial consultation, I will email you with detailed custom herbal recommendations and can offer a 15 minute phone call or up to 2 emails to answer any questions you may have about the recommendations.

After the first appointment, I recommend a follow-up consultation after about 4 weeks to see how the herbs are working for you, and to make changes if necessary.

It is important to have commitment, patience and diligence for the herbs to be most effective. Formulas need to be taken consistently and often need to be altered over time as symptoms and conditions change. I recommend follow-up consultations every 4-12 weeks to see how the herbs are working for you, and to make changes if necessary.


Comprehensive initial consultation 1.5 hrs

$150+hst regular price (discounts available upon request)

$50-150+hst sliding scale with up to 5 student observers present (seasonal availability only)

Follow-up consultation 30-45 mins

$90+hst regular price with sliding scale options upon request down to $60+hst

$25-90+hst sliding scale with up to 5 student observers present (seasonal availability only)

This includes time needed for research, formulating and dispensing of the herbal medicines. Herbs are not included in this price. The herbs I recommend are available to purchase through my apothecary to clients in Canada and generally cost about $60-150 +hst per month.

Sliding scale pricing is offered for People of Color and Indigenous folks who would otherwise be unable to access herbal consultations.This is in a spirit of reparations, in an effort to create more accessible spaces for people who experience systemic oppression.

If the cost or payment options don't work for you, please email me to discuss other flexible payment options or to request financial aid through my accessibility fund.

Please note: I neither diagnose nor directly treat diseases, rather I can make assessments of imbalances based on patterns and physiologic presentation, and support the healing of your body, mind and spirit. I carefully assess all interactions that herbs may have with pharmaceutical medications, and I can work with other health care practitioners if desired.

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