Wild Current Herbalism

Ember Peters

Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Health Educator
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Unceded Mi'kmaq Territory

Plant medicine for cultivating resilience.

Plants are complex, with hundreds of chemical constituents, life force and wisdom. Humans and plants have evolved together in symbiosis: we need plants to be healthy and resilient beings and to adapt to challenges we face in this world. Herbal medicine is one small step towards repairing a deeply wounded, profoundly needed relationship between humans and this Earth. Let's dream of a world where rivers are free, where lands are stewarded in sacred relationships, where people learn to live in harmony with each other and the Earth, where everyone can access a dignified life, where systems of power and oppression are collectively dismantled and replaced by community-led initiatives. Let's dream of herbal medicine being accessible to everyone, where empowering, holistic, integrative community healthcare is the norm, and where part of being a health care provider means being committed to actually addressing the root causes of illness and disease. Let's envision and create a herbalism that is a crucial part of resilient communities, mutual aid and webs of care.

About Ember

Ember Peters is a Registered Clinical Herbalist committed to providing accessible client-centred herbal care and quality herbal education. They are a founder of Wild Current Herbalism and the Maritime School of Holistic Herbalism. Ember recognizes community based holistic health as a tangible step towards collective liberation and resilience. Ember has had a busy clinical practice since 2014, focusing on hormonal and endocrine support, diabetes, cancer, trans herbal care, harm reduction, and general wellness.
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What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine, or herbalism, is the use of plants to support healing. It is a holistic approach and practice viewing symptoms and experiences as interconnected, and the human body as resilient and intelligent with an underlying ability to find balance. Herbalism is rooted in a connection with nature, recognizing that humans are a part of (and a reflection of) nature rather than separate from it.
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