Commitment to Financial Accessibility:

There are a limited number of discount consultation and workshop spaces available. Please contact me if finances are a barrier to accessing anything that I offer.

Commitment to Dismantling White Supremacy:

Western herbalism and western herbalists have historically not been inclusive spaces for Black/Brown/Latinx People of Color or Indigenous folks, due to systemic racism, erasure, financial and cultural barriers. I offer sliding scale (down to at-cost) pricing for People of Color and Indigenous folks who would otherwise be unable to attend herbalism workshops or consultations. Let’s start by working to understand white supremacy and racism inherent in our society and in herbal medicine, and be a part of changing that.

Commitment to Trans-inclusivity:

In an effort to be more trans-inclusive and gender-affirming in my clinical practice and teaching spaces, I use language in a way that doesn't equate physiology with gender. Rather than assigning certain organs or body functions to a gender, I understand that any body part/function can be a part of any gender. I am committed to creating spaces where everyone’s gender is respected and empowered.