About Ember Peters

Herbalist, clinician, teacher, medicine maker, gardener, folk scientist, nature-lover

Promoting self-determination and empowerment for all bodies

Get in touch: e.peters.herbalist@gmail.com

Ember Peters is a clinical herbalist committed to providing accessible herbal care and quality herbal education. She is the founder of Wild Current Herbalism and adjunct faculty at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. Ember has had a busy clinical practice since 2014, focusing on providing accessible sliding-scale herbal care to people with complex chronic illness. They recognize community based holistic health as a tangible step towards collective and individual liberation and resilience. Guided by nature, their practice integrates scientific knowledge with energetic systems including Western herbalism traditions, Classical Chinese Medicine, the latest scientific research, phytochemistry, physiology, flower essence therapy and holistic nutrition. Ember is a Registered Herbal Practitioner with the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia (HANS).

Ember’s interest and experience in clinic focuses on cancer, diabetes, digestive issues, auto-immunity, chronic pain, endocrine/hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities, injury recovery, sleep issues, mood/emotional imbalances, as well as fertility autonomy, trans health, and more. Ember views each person’s body as resilient and intelligent; where mind, body, spirit, experiences and symptoms are interconnected.

Ember began formal study of herbal medicine in 2009 at the Living Earth School of Herbalism in Ontario with Michael Vertolli, and graduated from the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH) Clinical Herbalist training program in 2014, studying mainly under Larken Bunce, Betzy Bancroft and Guido Masé. They gained extensive clinical experience working full-time for two years at the British Columbia Compassion Club Society Wellness Center in Vancouver BC, offering accessible sliding-scale herbal care to people with complex chronic illness and cancer. Following this, Ember was invited to join the faculty at VCIH in the Family Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist training programs, where she has been teaching since 2018. She has taught widely about herbalism at conferences and schools including the American Herbalists Guild Symposium, the Dandelion Seed Conference, The Herbal Academy, The Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies, and The Elderberry Academy.

Ember has always been in a love affair with the woods, the sea and wild spaces. They are interested in challenging and dismantling the impacts of white supremacy, colonialism and capitalism on our relationships with each other, our bodies and with the land. She is deeply inspired by the stories that the land tells of living with human communities, and stories of community resistance and resilience. Ember views herself as an eternal student of the earth, the plants, her clients and students; forever deepening and growing her base of herbal skills and knowledge. Ember is a gender non-conforming settler of Ashkenazi Jewish and Greek ancestry, and uses they or she pronouns.