Past Class Recordings


Class recordings currently available include: Diabetes: A Client Centred Approach (3 hours) Herbs and Hormones (3 hours) A Constitutional Approach to Chronic Pain (3 hours) Immune Herbs for Resilience and Balance (2 hours) Herbal Care for Cancer: A Holistic and Integrative Approach (6 hours)

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A Constitutional Approach to Chronic Pain (3 hr audio recording)

Chronic pain has many causes, and can be mysterious in origin. The medical system has tools to help people cope for a time, but generally does not offer a long-term solution. Herbalists can use energetic constitutional assessment to determine appropriate herbal support for each individual person. In this class we will explore: reasonable short and long-term goals; differentiating herbs and strategies for different presentations; the roles of sleep, digestion, and stress in chronic pain processes; and complimentary supportive therapies. (Intermediate level)

Herbs and Hormones (3 hr audio recording)

How can we assess a person’s hormone profile and recommend approprate herbs for them? Differentiating hormone imbalances and the hormonal effects of herbs allows us to choose an effective protocol for each person’s health goals. We will discuss specific indications for herbs that affect sex hormones, and review relevant physiology. This class will be taught through a gender-affirming and trans-positive lens, including discussion about safe and complementary use of herbs with hormone supplementation for gender affirmation. (Intermediate/advanced level)

Immune Herbs for Resilience and Balance (2 hr video recording)

How do you choose the most effective herbs for your immune health? Herbs stimulate and regulate different parts of the immune system and "immune support" can mean many different things. Come learn some basics about immune function and how to differentiate your immune herbs so your herbal self-care can be as effective as possible. (Beginner/intermediate level)

Herbal Care for Cancer: A Holistic and Integrative Approach (6 hr video recording)

As herbalists, we can offer holistic care to people going through different stages and types of cancers. Individually tailored nutritional and herbal protocols can help to reduce side effects and improve efficacy of conventional medical interventions, support the person’s overall resilience, and may reduce risk of recurrence. This class will include an overview of the physiological mechanisms of cancer, therapeutic goals and herbal actions, the core herbal materia medica and dietary support. From a client-centered approach, we will discuss end of life care, working with oncologists, and supporting our clients in framing realistic goals and expectations for working with herbs. (Advanced level)

Diabetes: A Client-Centred Approach (3 hr video recording)

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease experienced by more than 10% of adults in North America. This class will delve into the pathophysiological mechanisms of insulin resistance, including interconnections with endocrine function, the liver, trauma, systemic oppression and more. Through a client-centered, body-positive and harm reduction approach, we will explore framing realistic and empowering goals with our clients, and building an accessible and effective herbal protocol. (Advanced level)

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